helpers description
{{REGION}} Resolves to the AWS region name, i.e. us-east-1.
{{$UUID}} Generates a random UUID/v4, i.e. 9b1deb4d-3b7d-4bad-9bdd-2b0d7b3dcb6d.
{{$RANDOM_NUMBER}} Generates a random decimal number between 0 and 1000, i.e. 345.
{{moment}} Generates a date or time using moment.js and allows for formatting:

  • {{moment "YYYY-MM-DD"}} generates a date, i.e. 2020-08-26
  • {{moment "2 days ago" "YYYY-MM-DD"}} generates the date two days ago: 2020-08-24
  • {{moment "last week" "X"}} generates a UNIX timestamp from last week: 1597924480

A practical example of using the {{moment}} helper would be setting the pagination options on a typical API endpoint:

 GET{{moment "last week" "X"}}&to={{moment "X"}}

You can find the full list of helpers in the file of the underlying library we are using. For a full overview of date formatting option, check the moment.js docs.