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Dashboards have a lot of tweakable options to make them work for you in your situation.

config public monitoring dashboard 1

  • title: Add a title like “ACME status dash”. This is separate from your custom URL or domain.
  • description: Add a clarifying text to explain visitors what they are looking at.
  • checks: Specify the tags of the checks you want to show on the dashboard. By default we show all checks. You can also choose to hide the tags from the dashboard.

config public monitoring dashboard 2

  • logo: Display your company logo (or any image) on the top left side of your dashboard.
  • logo link: Direct visitors to your company website when they click the logo.
  • favicon: Put the cherry on top with a custom favicon.
  • auto paginate: Depending on your screen height and amount of checks, we can paginate through them so you have a full overview.

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