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Headless Recorder Chrome extension

⭐️ We're working on a new, better version of Headless Recorder. Please read the roadmap on our plans for the future and the results of our survey

Headless Recorder is a Chrome extension that records your browser interactions and generates a Puppeteer or Playwright script. Use it to create Checkly browser checks without writing any code.

Headless Recorder has the following features:

  • Records clicks and type events.
  • Records form entries like dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes etc.
  • Records screenshots.
  • Adds waitForNavigation, setViewport/setViewportSize and other useful clauses.
  • Generates a Puppeteer or Playwright script, ready for copy & pasting.
  • Shows which events are being recorded.
  • Offers configuration options to tweak the generated code.
  • Is open source, check the code on the GitHub repo

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