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Getting started with OpenTelemetry

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The OpenTelemetry integration is currently in beta and available for free on all plans. Need help getting started? We offer a free, 1:1 valet onboarding service to help you instrument your stack with the correct OpenTelemetry SDKs and enable tracing inside Checkly. Book an onboarding session right here

With OpenTelemetry enabled, you will have access to traces in all the places where it matters to more quickly resolve issues:

  • Check results: resolve production outages faster by correlating failing checks with backend traces.
  • Test sessions: understand any failures during test session execution.
  • Check Editors get a live trace while building, editing and debugging check code.

Check result with OpenTelemetry trace

To get started with the Checkly OpenTelemetry integration, pick a scenario that best fits your needs.

See this in action in the video below:

If you want to learn more about how this all works, check out the How it works under the hood section.

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