The first couple of weeks of the private beta have been extremely fruitful thanks to you! A lot of the 100+ beta users came forward with suggestions, bug reports and cool ideas. Here's an overview of the last changes and additions that are now live.

Environment variables

You can now extract environment variables from your scripts and refer to them with process.env.MY_VAR. Clicking the lock icon encrypts these values in the Checkly backend. Thanks Spencer and Ilari for the useful feedback!

TV Mode scaling and refresh

TV Mode public dashboard can now paginate through multiple pages and you can set the refresh rate.

Alert channel ping

You can now quickly check if your Slack or Webhook alert channel is responding by clicking the paper plane icon.

Auto complete on API headers input

Filling out headers for an API request now shows a handy auto complete drop down. Never type Access-Control-Request-Method again!

And much more…

  • You can now select the time range for the response time graph.
  • Script errors are now reported correctly in the interactive run script dialog.
  • Passwords in the basic auth section of the API check is by default encrypted.