New Relic Alternative: Affordable & Efficient Monitoring in 2024

First-class synthetic monitoring at an affordable cost with Checkly.

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Key Features

Monitoring as Code workflow

Command Line Interface

Playwright Compatibility

Runtime Node.js Versions

No False-Positives

CI/CD Support

Public Status Pages 

No Vendor Lock-In



✅ Transparent, Cost-Effective 
❌ Complex, Expensive, Variable 

Price per 10,000 API runs


Price per 1,000 Browser runs


Price per Core user


Based on open-source technologies. No vendor lock-in. Monitoring becomes more powerful, flexible, and reliable.  

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With MaC, your synthetic monitoring lives in version control, meaning it's programmable, testable, reviewable, and works with your dev pipeline. From your IDE, via PR to CI. In comparison, New Relic has very limited MaC support.

Checkly directly meets the needs of engineers, with their code living in version control. Code your monitoring on your local machine, test your preview deployments in CI, and monitor in production.

Checkly’s customers claim that they’ve saved 100’s of engineering hours by automating their infrastructure-monitoring setup with our Terraform provider.

Get Started With Monitoring as Code

Transform your development workflow with a code-based monitoring process that's programmable, fast, and dependable.


Your app’s code lives in your repository. Your monitoring should too. Create resources in a programmable way, coding them instead of configuring them.

new ApiCheck('hello-api-1', {
  name: 'Hello API',
  activated: true,
  request: {
    method: 'GET',
    url: '',
    assertions: [

Test your resources from your local machine or during deployment in CI, all running on Checkly’s global infrastructure.

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Deploy, lifecycle, and scale your end-to-end testing and monitoring solution from the command line alongside your application deployments.

$ npx checkly deploy

Find out how much you’ll save and secure your free migration now.