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Unite E2E testing and monitoring in one developer-focused monitoring as code (MaC) workflow.

new BrowserCheck('homepage-browser-check-1', {
  name: 'Browser Check #1',
  frequency: 10,
  regions: ['us-east-1', 'eu-west-1'],
  code: {
    entrypoint: './home.spec.js'

new ApiCheck('product-api-check-1', {
  name: 'Product API - fetch products',
  degradedResponseTime: 10000,
  maxResponseTime: 20000,
  requests: {
    url: "https://api.acme.com/v1/products",
    method: "GET",
    assertions: [AssertionBuilder.statusCode().equals(200)]

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Your app’s code lives in source control. Your monitoring should, too.

Monitoring as code with Checkly CLI enables you to code, test, and deploy your testing and synthetic monitoring setup like never before.





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Code-first workflow

Code your monitoring on your local machine, test your preview deployments in CI, and monitor in production.

Monitor your APIs

Seamlessly integrate API monitoring into your E2E testing and monitoring regimen.

Harness the Power of Playwright

Fully harness the power of Playwright for E2E testing with browser checks.

Run From Your Repository

Store all monitoring resources in your Git repo, alongside your application code: just like the unit testing patterns you are familiar with.

Typescript First

Code, compose, and structure your resources using TypeScript. No YAML-engineering needed.

Code and Collaborate

Use any CI platform to collaborate with your team to code, test, and deploy E2E browser and API checks.

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