Synthetic monitoring for your vital click flows

Broken or slow signup forms and flaky shopping carts are extremely frustrating to your customers. With Checkly's Browser checks you can validate the correctness and performance of your web app and get rich insights for debugging.

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Real browsers

Your checks are run in actual Chrome browsers to achieve a 100% match with real world conditions. We run each session in a sealed off sandbox for extra security.


In a Browser check you can check for specific content items, browser responses, visibility and error responses.


Automatically collect error traces such as network and console logs and screenshots for faster debugging.


Run custom Javascript before and after your API check. Sign requests, get auth tokens and clean up test data.


Checkly’s cUrl and Swagger API importers create fully fledged API checks with just a couple of clicks.


Receive Web Vitals for every browser check you run to ensure an outstanding user experience.

How it works

Checkly uses the Puppeteer & Playwright frameworks to accurately simulate interactions with a Chrome browser. Getting a monitoring script going is a lot easier than you might think. Just follow the steps below and you'll be up in no time.


Actionable browser checks with Performance and Error Tracing

Every browser check you run will automatically collect error traces, screenshots and performance metrics. Error Tracing enables you to easily identify JavaScript errors and missing resources while automatically generated screenshots help with debugging. Additionally, we have added performance metrics such as Google's Core Web Vitals to ensure your WebApp is snappy and provides a great user experience.

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checkly alerting options

Alerting for any situation

When a check fails, you and your team need timely and actionable insights to address any down time. Add Slack, SMS, email or Pagerduty: Checkly's alerts give you the right information whatever alerting medium you choose. Need more control? Webhooks give you full access to the JSON data we use ourselves for alerting.

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Global coverage

Get a clear picture of how your services perform for your users worldwide. Run your checks from twenty data center locations spread around the world and get complete visibility of private applications across your private or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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