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"We reduced the time we spent on monitoring by 60% and became more efficient, as we now know as soon as some of our endpoints misbehave."
– Alessio Casco, Head of DevOps

“We really like Checkly because of the Monitoring as Code approach. We manage everything as code and it fits very well into our framework.”
– Ohad Noam, SRE Executive Director

"Checkly brings us peace of mind with a relatively small effort. It’s easy to use and provides a complete monitoring solution that meets all our requirements."
– Amir Jaron, VP R&D

"Checkly is simple, effective, and easy to integrate. The benefits are straightforward, obvious and, most importantly, immediate."
– Patrick Stephens, Technical Lead at Chronosphere

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“Checkly has given us confidence that the stuff that's really important on our site is functioning well,"
– Geoff Harcourt, CTO

"Checkly has given us the ability to constantly verify that the critical journeys on our sites are working, which has been invaluable to us.”
– Joe Wright, Lead Automation Test Analyst

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"The team at Checkly was very quick to respond to any questions we had."
— De Ville Weppenaar, Senior Developer

"Checkly has improved our confidence during deployments by ensuring that any issues are quickly identified and addressed, thereby maintaining system reliability and performance.”
– Gus Fune, CTO

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"Checkly enables us to quickly create, modify, and deploy API and browser checks."
— Andreas Lehr, IT Team Lead

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"Checkly has helped us save engineering resources and expenses."
— Aliasger Kiranawala, Lead SDET

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"Checkly is super easy to use and fits perfectly in our toolchain."
— Andreas Wixler, CTO & Co-Founder

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"Checkly gives us real-time feedback on what is and isn’t working."
— Thomas Reither, Associate Consultant

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"We've saved a lot of time —about a 20% time savings—by using Playwright with Checkly."
— Keegan Donley, Senior Front-End Engineer

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