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Introduction to Checkly

Checkly unites E2E testing and monitoring in one monitoring as code (MaC) workflow, enabled by the Checkly CLI. Monitoring as code is a methodology for managing your monitoring infrastructure using code. It consists of three key steps:

  1. Code — Define your monitoring setup as code, so you can version, automate and scale them with ease.
  2. Test — Run your monitors as E2E tests against production and staging from your CI pipeline.
  3. Deploy — Deploy and lifecycle your monitoring alongside your application deployments.

With MaC, your synthetic monitoring is now programmable, testable, reviewable and works with your dev pipeline. From your IDE, via PR to CI.

Get started with monitoring as code

Get started with monitoring as code by picking the right integration for your team. We recommend using the Checkly CLI for the full code, test and deploy workflow.

Get started using the web UI

Not quite ready to start your monitoring as code journey? No problem. Get started using just the web UI and you’ll be monitoring in minutes.

Additional resources

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