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Downtime caused by API performance has serious business impact. Use Checkly's deep but easy to use API monitoring solution to check your mobile, webapp or IoT API for performance, uptime and correctness.

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Monitor for performance

Checkly records the response time for each request, down to TCP, DNS and first byte times. Add assertions for maximum response time.

Monitor for correctness

Check payloads, return codes, headers, and authentication. Dive inside JSON payloads and validate specific items.

High-frequent global monitoring

Monitor your APIs every 10 seconds from 20 global data center locations.

Setup & Teardown scripts

Run custom Javascript before and after your API check. Sign requests, get auth tokens and clean up test data.

Import from tools you know

Checkly’s cUrl and Swagger API importers create fully fledged API checks with just a couple of clicks.

CI/CD integration

Integrate your API monitoring into your QA or continuous delivery process by triggering adhoc runs from GitHub or the command line.

How it works

Create an HTTP request

Import your HTTP requests or assemble one by hand. Checkly gives you full control over all HTTP request options: HTTP method, URL, query parameters, headers, and body. Add credentials or a Bearer token for authentication.

Create an HTTP request

Add API check assertions

Checkly’s assertion matrix helps you create as many assertions per check as you want. Monitor your API for correct response times, HTTP status code, plain text or JSON bodies and headers. Drill into JSON payloads with JSON path or user regular expression.

Add API check assertions

Customize setup & teardown

If needed, you can take full control of how your request executes. Use setup scripts to cryptographically sign requests, fetch OAuth tokens and update request attributes before any request is done. Use teardown scripts to clean up test data or scrub sensitive data from the response.

Customize setup & teardown

Monitor your API every 10 seconds

We monitor your API as often as every 10 seconds. This gives you a consistent and accurate view of your API performance. Next to aggregating metrics, we give you access to each result from each of the configured data centers.

Monitor your API every 10 seconds


checkly alerting options

Alerting for any situation

When a check fails, you and your team need timely and actionable insights to address any down time. Add Slack, SMS, email or Pagerduty: Checkly's alerts give you the right information whatever alerting medium you choose. Need more control? Webhooks give you full access to the JSON data we use ourselves for alerting.

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Global coverage

Get a clear picture of how your services perform for your users worldwide. Run your checks from twenty data center locations spread around the world and get complete visibility of private applications across your private or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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