How CommonLit Runs Monitoring With 100% Accuracy and No False Positives

CommonLit offers an extensive literacy program that includes numerous reading lessons, a complete annual ELA curriculum, benchmark assessments, and data based on educational standards for teachers.

CommonLit was facing significant challenges with its web testing protocols. As a lean operation with no dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) team, they encountered occasional undetected errors, impacting their service delivery to hundreds of thousands of users. That’s when they came across Checkly and chose it as a default monitoring solution. 

Find out how CommonLit transformed its monitoring operations, became more efficient, and reduced its monitoring bill by integrating Checkly, the leading code-first synthetic monitoring platform into its software development lifecycle. 


Deployments per day


False positives


Engineers using Checkly

“We deploy five to ten times a day. We want to get all our improvements out in the world, and so having this kind of reliability monitoring that we've gotten out of Checkly has been a big part of how we've enabled this “deploy with confidence” strategy.”

Geoff Harcourt

CTO of CommonLit

“We've gone through periods where our alerting has been noisy. And when alerting gets noisy, people just stop paying attention to it. Right now, our Checkly dashboard is all green and we’ve got 100% success on all of our monitors during the last seven days.”

Geoff Harcourt

CTO of CommonLit

“We're the most enthusiastic users. We are very, very happy with how well Checkly works and I think the evolution of the product over the last six months is super encouraging. It really seems like the product is on a very positive trajectory.”

Geoff Harcourt

CTO of CommonLit

Programmable synthetic monitoring that seamlessly integrates into your existing development pipeline.