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FINN uses Checkly to ensure booking processes work all the time, everywhere!

FINN provides you with easy and flexible access to vehicles. You either sign up for a new car subscription or buy a used car online and have your dream model delivered to your home—a real e-commerce experience. tests and monitors with Checkly to make sure all processes are working seamlessly, all the time, everywhere.

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Tools Replaced

Decrease in False Failure


Increase in Monitoring Coverage

“Checkly is super easy to use and fits perfectly in our toolchain. We monitor our Vercel projects on preview and production to catch issues earlier and we can trust that we are the first ones to know about problems in production. A nice side effect is that we were able to replace 3 different solutions for testing, monitoring, and alerting with Checkly.”

Andreas Wixler

Andreas Wixler

CTO & Co-Founder of

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