How TrueLayer Automated Monitoring of Crucial Payment APIs with 60% Less Effort 

TrueLayer is one of Europe’s open banking pioneers. It has built a developer portal that provides open banking APIs and integrates bank payments into various apps, websites, and platforms. Two and a half years ago, TrueLayer reviewed its API monitoring needs and decided it wanted a monitoring solution tailored for modern teams. A reliable solution would help the TrueLayer team detect potential issues and outages faster, enabling them to deliver an outstanding user experience. As open banking strongly relies on APIs to provide access to financial data, TrueLayer needed to ensure security, accuracy, and reliable API performance at the same time—elements that are at the core of Checkly’s API monitoring solution.

“We chose Checkly because of the Terraform provider that was available out of the box. Another important thing for us was the fact that we could automate the generation of the checks from Terraform.”

Alessio Casco

Head of DevOps at TrueLayer

“Checkly works pretty well for us. It does what it says and it’s very reliable. The automation of our setup reduced the time we spent on monitoring by 60% and thus made us more efficient, as we are now able to know as soon as some of our endpoints are misbehaving.”

Alessio Casco

Head of DevOps at TrueLayer


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