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Start for free * Hobby plan comes with access to Team plan features for 14 days. No credit card required.
  • 10 API & 5 Browser checks
  • 30 days of aggregated data retention
  • Single-user account
  • Email, Slack, Webhook alerts


Starting at
per month
Try for free * No credit card required.
  • All features on the Hobby plan
  • Includes check runs worth $30
  • 20 Users
  • Unlimited Browser and API checks
  • 1 year of aggregated data retention
  • Prometheus endpoint
  • All alert channels
  • Pro support


Starting at
per month
  • Everything on the Team plan
  • Unlimited Users
  • Private locations
  • Client certificates
  • Premium support
  • 99.9% SLA
  • 25 months of aggregated data retention
Prepay - Get a discount for your commitment.


for 10k API check runs
for 1k Browser check runs


for 10k API check runs
for 1k Browser check runs
  • Create your own plan
  • Pay upfront, get a discount
  • Unlimited users, all features
Start for free

How many check runs do I need?

10 API checks running every minute makes 446,400 check runs per month

Daily runs: 10 x 60 x 24 = 14,400 runs
Monthly runs: 14,400 x 31 = 446,400 runs
Which costs me (446,400 / 10,000) * $2.00 = $89.28 per month on the "Team"-plan.
Trusted by engineering teams at
trusted by companies for api and synthetic monitoring

Feature overview

Hobby Team Enterprise
Browser checks 5 Unlimited Unlimited
API checks 10 Unlimited Unlimited
API check runs 50,000 / month Additional at $2/10K Custom
Browser check runs 5000 / month Additional at $5/1K Custom
High-frequency intervals
10 sec / 60 sec
API checks can be scheduled every 10 seconds, browser checks every min.
10 sec / 60 sec
API checks can be scheduled every 10 seconds, browser checks every min.
Users 1 20 Custom
Public dashboards 1 10 Unlimited*
Data center locations 20 20 20
Raw data retention 7 days 30 days 180 days
Aggregated data retention 30 days 1 year 25 months
SSL monitoring
Email, Slack, Webhooks and more
All plans have access to our basic alerting integrations like email, Slack and Webhooks. In addition, you also have access to an ever growing list of 3rd party integrations like Pagerduty, Opsgenie and Discord.
Threshold based alerting
Configure when and how often your are alerted and how many reminders you should get
Setup & teardown scripts
Have full control over request data and responses using custom Javascript snippets.
API access
Terraform provider
Pulumi provider
CI/CD & Deployment triggers
Automatically trigger checks from a GitHub PR or commit for automated testing before deploying to production. Works out-of-the-box with Vercel, Heroku etc. Use our command line triggers to integrate with any CI/CD provider.
Get a longer term, aggregated overview on uptime and performance. Exports to CSV for further processing.
SMS credits 200* Custom
Maintenance windows
Prometheus endpoint
We provision a custom, secured endpoint that exposes checks statuses and response times in Prometheus format.
Private locations
Get full visibility of private applications and APIs across your infrastructure, on-prem and in your private or hybrid cloud.
Client Certificates
SAML/SSO login
SLA for 99.9% Uptime
Premium support
Onboarding support
Dedicated Customer Success Engineer
24x7 Escalation Phone Number
Custom contracts & invoicing
Security & compliance review
* All plans are subject to our fair use policy. Check the FAQ below for more details.


API checks are monitors that do POST, GET, and other typical HTTP requests. You have full control over the payload, headers, etc. You can also create assertions to check if the response from your API is valid and performant. For billing, we count any HTTP request as a check run. API check runs have a timeout threshold of 30 seconds.
Browser checks are monitors based on Node.js scripts using frameworks like Mocha, Puppeteer, and Playwright. Each browser check uses an actual Chrome browser to execute clicks, fill out forms and validate if these interactions have the correct results. This is also commonly called “synthetic monitoring”. For billing we count every executed script as a check run. Browser check runs have a timeout threshold of 120 seconds.
By signing up for the hobby plan, you get access to almost all of Checkly’s features. You do not need a credit card to get started. You can execute up to 50,000 API and 5,000 browser check runs.
Fair use limits are soft boundaries that apply to certain features. The limits are set in a way that most customers should not encounter any limitations. On a Team plan, you can invite up to 99 users, have 25 public dashboards, and 200 SMS alerts per month. If you exceed the thresholds, we will reach out and discuss options with you.
For the Hobby plan upgrades and downgrades don’t apply.

Downgrade Team plan: You can reduce the number of prepaid checks from account settings. The changes will apply after your current subscription cycle automatically.
When you are on a Hobby plan or Team plan, you can switch to all plans anytime, and the changes will apply immediately.
Prepaid plans, like the Team plan, are paid upfront at the beginning of the subscription cycle. Overages will be added to the invoice of the next subscription cycle.
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit card payments. Stripe handles all payments. For custom plans, we also accept invoice payments.
Yes! We do support early-stage startups that are younger than two years by providing a 30% discount on all plans. Nonprofits qualify for a 50% discount. Apply here
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