Alberto Gomez joins as CPO of Checkly and Tim Nolet will become Chief Evangelist

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Today, I’m thrilled to announce two changes to our leadership team. We at Checkly aim to deliver the best synthetic monitoring platform that allows you to identify and resolve issues 10x faster. I’m proud to have crossed that 1,000-customer mark and aim to enhance your experience even further as we are just getting started and are excited about what technologies like Open Telemetry, Clickhouse and others will enable us to do in the future. 

Think about the correlation of your check runs with traces coming from your backend. Integrate Checkly with your APM suite. Take our clear signal that your system might be down or have poor performance and point you in the right direction in the middle of the night when you get paged to resolve issues faster. 

Welcoming Alberto Gomez, Our New CPO

I’m excited to introduce Alberto Gomez as Checkly's new Chief Product Officer. With an impressive background at New Relic and various innovative tech startups, Alberto's expertise in leading product management and engineering is set to propel our solutions forward. Alberto’s vision is clear: observability can be done in a much more efficient way, he will drive Checkly’s offering beyond the evolving needs of the observability market, equipping customers with the tools to thrive in complex environments.  

Tim Nolet’s New Chapter as Chief Evangelist

Simultaneously, we celebrate a new chapter for Tim Nolet, transitioning from CTO/CPO to Chief Evangelist. This shift enables Tim to focus on what he excels at: engaging with you, our community, to share insights, gather feedback, and advocate for the tools that matter most to you. Tim's deep understanding of the industry and commitment to your success will continue to shape our direction and offerings. You will also see Tim at various conferences and meetups throughout the coming years. 

Our Commitment to You

Yes, these changes are more internal changes, but you’ll see the impact on your Checkly experience in the next weeks and months as we have lots of exciting features and integrations in the works. With Alberto steering our product innovation and Tim amplifying your voice within our community, we're poised to deliver the clear signal you need to detect and resolve issues 10x faster. 

Thank you for being a Checkly customer.


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