Playwright shines as a standout end-to-end testing tool. At Checkly, we've seamlessly integrated it, ensuring that you get the best of the testing and monitoring world. Delve into our resources and discover how we enhance synthetic monitoring with the power of Playwright

A Guide to Visual Regression Testing With Playwright and How to Get Started 

Sara Miteva

Monitoring an Open Banking Flow With Playwright & Checkly

Alex Noyes

Visual regression & snapshot testing is now GA

Tim Nolet

Tim Nolet

The Advent of Monitoring, Day 5: Dealing With Third-Party Dependencies Causing False Positives for Synthetics

Javier Pérez Anaya

The Advent of Monitoring, Day 4: Solving E2E Testing Challenges With Checkly's PWT Garbage Collector

Javier Pérez Anaya

Fail your Playwright tests when your Frontend throws exceptions

Track Frontend JavaScript exceptions with Playwright fixtures

Stefan Judis

What is Synthetic Monitoring?

Synthetic Monitoring: What is it, Challenges, and How to Get Started

Stefan Judis

Portrait of Nica Mellifera

Nočnica Mellifera

Why Playwright Test is perfect for synthetic monitoring

Synthetic Monitoring With Checkly and Playwright Test

Jan Grzesik

Jan Grzesik

Production-Driven Development with Vercel, Checkly and Playwright

Production Driven Development: An Approach for Highly Effective Organizations

Jonathan Canales