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[Watch Now] Open Source Observability - the Checkly Webinar

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with OpenTelemetry and Checkly With the subtitle:

Monitor your system from within your stack and use Checkly for outside heartbeat monitoring

Thanks to all who joined us for our first webinar of the year to learn how to use OpenTelemetry and Checkly for a full monitoring solution. A video of the session is at the bottom of this post!

We need to monitor our service's performance, but large closed SaaS options are expensive and complex. OpenTelemetry is the 'wave of the future' for observability, but is it ready for your team? Yes!

Join Nočnica to see a demonstration of instrumenting a demo application and learn what OpenTelemetry can do. We'll also add external site monitors with Checkly synthetics checks.

You'll learn:
* What's in the OpenTelemetry Project, and how you can use it
* How to architect data collection for OpenTelemetry
* How to add Synthetic User testing and uptime monitoring with Checkly

Nočnica, fresh off delivering a workshop at the CodeMash conference on January 9th, will share her knowledge from over 5 years as part of the OpenTelemetry community.

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The Full Agenda


  • History
  • What's in the project - data backend, vizualization, Synthetics, and queries are not part of OTel
  • Use cases - can help almost anyone
  • Status of development - Logs support is still growing, but you can send logs through the collector

Where to send data

  • Closed source SaaS backends
  • issues with OTel data being a 'second class citizen'
  • data in, but not data out
  • Prometheus/Grafana
  • Loki
  • SigNoz/ClickHouse

Collector Design

  • Most basic - direct from SDK to datastore, don't do this
  • Single collector
  • Collector -> collector
  • Daemonset in Kubernetes (I promise you don't need to know Kubernetes to follow this webinar!)

Sample Application

  • Basic data emitter from the CLI
  • Auto-instrumentation with the language-appropriate SDK
  • Configuring data sends

External Monitors

  • Known OpenTelemetry Limitation
  • Why we need it
  • Systems that take their monitoring down with them


  • Configuration
  • Frequency
  • Playwright and more complex tests

Thank you to all who joined us for the webinar!

We had a great webinar with a ton of great attendees and questions. The recorded version is available on YouTube.

If you'd like to join a community of like-minded nerds who want to know what's really happening inside their stack, join the Checkly slack to keep up with all the best Synthetics, heartbeat monitoring, and monitoring-as-code news.

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