Synthetic Monitoring for Vital User Flows

Broken and slow experiences are frustrating to your customers. Banish false positives, validate the reliability of your web app, and get rich debugging insights.

import { expect, test } from "@playwright/test"

  "wait for an element to become visible",
  async ({ page }) => {
    await page.goto("")

    const mainHeadline = page.locator("#landing h1")
    await expect(mainHeadline).toBeVisible()

    await page.screenshot({ path: "screenshot.jpg" })

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Use the Playwright Testing Framework

Reuse your existing Playwright code base to run E2E browser checks and validate that all of your crucial web apps and sites are working up to spec.

Monitor and Test with Real Browsers

Your browser checks run in actual Chrome browsers to achieve a 100% match with real world conditions. We run each session in a sealed off sandbox for extra security.

Validate All your critical User Flows

Check for specific content items, browser responses, visibility, and error responses in your browser checks. Automate your user flows and be sure that they work!

Debug With Ease

Automatically collect error traces and screenshots or videos for fast debugging after receiving an alert.

Track Performance

Receive web vitals and load times for every page in your browser check to ensure an outstanding user experience.

Use TypeScript

Write your browser checks in TypeScript to leverage outstanding developer experience.

Inspect individual traces and debug failed checks with recorded trace files

Visualize failed test cases and identify actions that cause failure with a recorded video

Prevent UI issues with layout, color scheme, headlines, etc. with visual regression testing in production

Start monitoring your API endpoints and your vital site transactions.

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