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[Watch Now] What Datadog isn't telling you: Beyond APM

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While APM promises to be a 'single pane of glass' for observability, the reality is that internal monitoring can only tell you so much. Checkly (Synthetic monitoring) and Kentik (Network Observability) are both attempts to complete that picture in a user-friendly manner.

The Limitations of APM

APM tools promise a unified observability platform, yet they inherently focus on internal metrics, traces, and logs. This internal focus, while valuable, misses critical dimensions of the user experience and network performance that are essential for a complete understanding of application behavior in real-world scenarios.

Bridging the Gap with Checkly and Kentik

To address these limitations, we introduce two pivotal technologies: Checkly, for Synthetic Monitoring, and Kentik, for Network Observability.

  • Checkly extends the observability landscape by simulating user interactions, providing real-time insights into the user experience from various locations around the world. This external vantage point reveals performance issues and downtime before they impact real users.
  • Kentik takes a comprehensive approach to Network Observability, offering visibility into network traffic and performance across cloud and on-premise environments. Kentik uncovers the often-overlooked network layer issues that can significantly affect application performance and user satisfaction.

Why Watch the Webinar?

Check out the "Beyond APM" webinar to explore the limitations of traditional APM tools and discover how integrating Synthetic Monitoring and Network Observability can offer a more complete and actionable view of your digital ecosystem. Learn from industry experts how Checkly and Kentik can empower your team to preempt performance issues, enhance user experience, and drive better business outcomes.

Conclusion: Don't let traditional APM limitations hold back your observability strategy.

Expand your monitoring capabilities beyond the internal metrics and embrace a more comprehensive approach to performance and user experience. Register now to unlock the full potential of your observability efforts.

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