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[Watch now] Master the Future of Observability with the Checkly & Coralogix Masterclass on Monitoring as Code

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Monitoring as Code (MaC) has emerged as a pivotal practice, mirroring the transformative impact of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) on the way we manage and provision our digital environments. As observability becomes increasingly crucial in ensuring the performance and reliability of websites and applications, the Checkly & Coralogix masterclass on Monitoring as Code stands out as an essential learning opportunity for developers and operations engineers.

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The Urgent Need for Monitoring as Code

With data volumes skyrocketing and the responsibility for end-user experience shifting left, the complexity of managing observability at scale has become a significant challenge. Traditional methods of monitoring are no longer sufficient in environments where back-end engineers, front-end teams, DevOps, and SREs are all contributing to the data deluge, each creating their own dashboards and alerts. This fragmentation can lead to inconsistencies, inefficiencies, and engineers sending each other screenshots of dashboards via Slack.

Monitoring as Code lets engineers write and configure monitoring in a repository right next to their application source code. With version control and attributed changes to tests, there's no need to switch to an unfamiliar UI just to monitor a new endpoint or user flow.

What the Masterclass Offers

The Checkly & Coralogix masterclass on Monitoring as Code is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to implement MaC effectively within their organizations. Here's what attendees can expect:

  • Deep Dive into MaC: An exploration of Monitoring as Code, its importance, and how it integrates with modern DevOps practices to enhance observability and operational efficiency.
  • Hands-On Learning: Practical exercises and real-world scenarios that demonstrate how to use Checkly and Coralogix to implement MaC, from setting up monitoring rules and alerts to creating dashboards—all through code.
  • Expert Guidance: Insights from industry experts on best practices, common pitfalls to avoid, and strategies for maximizing the benefits of MaC in your projects.
  • Success Stories: See how effective Platform and Operations teams have implemented Monitoring as Code

Why You Should Attend

Whether you're part of a startup or a large enterprise, the shift towards Monitoring as Code is inevitable as the complexity and scale of digital services continue to grow. This masterclass is not just about learning a new set of tools; it's about embracing a paradigm shift in how we think about and manage observability. By adopting MaC, organizations can achieve:

  • Consistency and Standardization: Uniform monitoring practices across all environments and applications.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Improved visibility and collaboration across development, operations, and QA teams.
  • Cost Optimization: More efficient management of data ingestion and allocation, significantly reducing observability costs.

Join Us

The Checkly & Coralogix masterclass on Monitoring as Code is more than just a learning session; it's a gateway to transforming your observability practices. As we navigate the complexities of modern software development and operations, the principles of MaC offer a roadmap to more efficient, reliable, and scalable monitoring solutions. Register now to secure your spot in this pivotal masterclass and take the first step towards mastering the future of observability.

If you'd like to join the Checkly community and learn more about how high-performing teams are implementing monitoring-as-code, join our Slack today!

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