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Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) Names Checkly a Leader in Monitoring for Cloud Native Environments

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Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) has named Checkly a leader in monitoring for cloud native environments

DEJ analysis finds Checkly to be leading solution across 8 key areas shaping IT performance

The demand for continuous innovation and faster delivery requires a fresh approach to monitoring modern apps and APIs. As development environments grow increasingly dynamic and complex, monitoring performance through a platform that is fully programmable, handles app and API-testing, is optimized for developers, and integrates with existing tools and workflows becomes increasingly critical. Legacy monitoring tools can’t keep up with today’s development environments as customers are increasingly pressed to deliver quicker, more resilient customer experiences. That’s precisely what Checkly was created to do.

In a recent research study by DEJ entitled Top 20 Emerging Vendors for Managing IT Performance in 2022, analyst Bojan Simic found Checkly to be a leader across eight categories aligned with key user requirements:

  1. Enabling unique customer experiences
  2. Balance between speed and reliability
  3. Changing the importance and definition of “visibility”
  4. Focus on high-value work
  5. Addressing performance incidents
  6. Managing innovation
  7. Maximize the value of Open Source
  8. Enabling a Cloud-native journey

“Enterprises face a number of challenges as they work to proactively prevent performance issues and race to ship products and services. The research shows that this is a fast changing market and, in order to address their key challenges, organizations need to look beyond traditional technology "buckets" and a "one-size-fits-all" approach when evaluating solutions for managing IT performance,” said Bojan Simic. “This is where Checkly’s modern and comprehensive approach to API and Browser monitoring can bring improved results and a preferred Monitoring-as-Code developer experience. The more complex the environments are becoming, the more Checkly is in position to take advantage of the trends.”

DEJ found that Checkly stood out compared to traditional monitoring solutions and stands to emerge as a leader among modern monitoring solutions due to its competitive TCO.

"Checkly provides a unique solution for proactive management of IT performance from users’ perspective. The company is leveraging a network of synthetic monitoring points to enable developers to focus on delivering the business value and creating differentiating customer experiences."

DEJ recognizes that a key factor behind Checkly’s strengths is its unique ability to close the gap between development, quality assurance, and operations with one unified, comprehensive platform.

"Checkly’s solution enables excellent Monitoring-as-Code experience and is also effectively addressing one of the key “blind spots” in application delivery chain – API endpoints performance."

Checkly delivers a top developer experience to get you started in minutes. Configure your monitoring-as-code for scalability, consistency, and collaboration on the back of IaC (Infrastructure as Code) providers such as Pulumi and Terraform or seamlessly integrate your monitoring setup via GitHub. Your entire monitoring setup lives in code, automatically integrated and version-controlled.

Checkly’s approach helps devs test locally before code goes live, test with Checkly on deploy (CI/CD), and then use Checkly's continuous monitoring and alerting capabilities to give developers the confidence to know that their systems work, are online and everything is well.

To read the full report from DEJ, visit Top 20 Emerging Vendors for Managing IT Performance in 2022.

To learn more about how Checkly can optimize your app and API-monitoring needs at a low TCO, visit us at Checklyhq.com.

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