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What’s New in Checkly Launch Week 1

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Checkly launch week 1

The Checkly development team is continually improving our platform and user experience, and we’re excited to unveil some new features that we’ve been working on during our first ever Checkly Launch Week. From October 11th through 14th, 2022, we’ll be announcing and discussing our latest innovations, new features, functionality, and capabilities for users every single day of the week. (You can track all the news and excitement on Twitter by following the #ChecklyLaunch hashtag.)

Checkly Head of Developer Relations Stefan Judis (@stefanjudis)—along with some intrepid members of the Checkly engineering team—will be walking you through those new features with live video chats every day of Checkly Launch Week. In order to give you a quick preview of what we have in store for you—and to help you decide which days you’d like to prioritize watching live—I’ve provided some very brief highlights of what you can expect to see this week.

Tuesday, October 11th: Checkly Mobile, Alerting, and Community Updates

On the first day of Launch Week, we announced several new and improved Checkly features, including:

  • Improved Mobile Alerts: To make Checkly even more useful on mobile devices, we improved the check detail screen and made it responsive when used with tablets and smartphones.
  • New Alert Notification Log and Alerting Enhancements: A new alert notification log lets you see all of your alerts, including additional transparency about why alerts failed.
  • New Checkly Slack Community: We’re always looking for new ways to help our community of developers and engineers, so we’re delighted to announce our new Checkly Community on Slack.

Want to learn more? Check out the detailed blog post on Checkly Alerting Improvements and Our New Slack Community for more info on what we announced on the first day of Launch Week.

And don’t forget to bookmark the Checkly YouTube channel for more updates.

Wednesday, October 12th: Checkly Security News

The second day of Checkly Launch Week was all about security! One of the most extensive steps an organization can undergo is to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to a high level of information security with a SOC 2 audit.

  • SOC 2 Type 1 Compliance: We’re proud to announce that our commitment to privacy and security has led us to successfully complete our SOC 2 Type 1 compliance requirements and audit. With SOC 2 Type 1, our customers and users are assured there has been an independent and full review of Checkly’s security and privacy practices. In our ongoing effort to enhance security for the Checkly platform, we’re also working towards our SOC 2 Type 2 audit—we’ll have more news to share on that in the near future.

Want to learn more about our SOC 2 Type I efforts? The Checkly SOC 2 Type 1 report is also available upon request by emailing sales@checklyhq.com. You can also read the Checkly Completes SOC 2 Type 1 Audit post for more detailed information. And don’t forget to bookmark Checkly YouTube channel for more updates.

Thursday, October 13th: New Playwright Feature Support

Checkly has always worked well with Microsoft’s Playwright open-source testing library, and we’ve got even more great Playwright news to share.

  • Native Support for Playwright Test: We’ve announced native support for Playwright Test, which brings existing customer E2E scripts directly into Checkly with support for expect, trace files, video recordings and more.

Some of our customers had some additional thoughts to share about how much they like using Checkly with the Playwright framework.

“Checkly's frictionless integration with the Playwright Test library provides the unified developer experience we need for our clients…regardless of environment, our end-to-end tests run seamlessly without any adaptation. Local development, release pipelines, Checkly, it all just works!” - Thomas Reither, Solutia Consulting

“At Kizen, with Playwright Test on Checkly we’re able to write production monitoring in a way that is efficient and easy to collaborate on, and leverages existing team knowledge from our end-to-end testing suite." - Keegan Donley, Senior Front End Engineer, Kizen

Want to learn more? Check out the post Unleash the Full Power of Playwright With @playwright/test for even more information on these new Checkly features. And don’t forget to bookmark the Checkly YouTube channel for even more updates.

Friday, October 14th: General Availability for GitHub Sync

We’re delighted to announce that GitHub Sync—to update and control browser check code—is now generally available! For more information about GitHub Sync, we have a detailed blog post that covers GitHub Sync vs. Terraform & Pulumi, syncing strategies, using local file dependencies, runtime specs, and covers off on next steps for GitHub Sync and local workflow.

“Now, we can utilize the excellent Playwright Test runner to create and debug our browser checks, all from a single codebase powered by GitHub Sync. Regardless of environment, our end-to-end tests run seamlessly without any adaptation.” - Thomas Reither, Solutia Consulting

"We've been using Checkly's newest features, GitHub Sync and integration with Playwright Test, and we see great value in both. GitHub Sync lets us remove complexity related to managing Terraform with CI, which previously required an additional service. With Checkly it's much simpler now and there are fewer pieces that contributors need to understand. Checkly's Playwright Test Integration allows us to write our end-to-end tests and run them locally in (almost) the same way as our other tests. We have found the async assertions in particular helpful and valuable to our efforts." - Eric Matthys, Principal Software Engineer at Plex, Inc.

Don’t forget to bookmark the Checkly YouTube channel for even more updates.

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