Synthetic Monitoring

At Checkly, we're passionate about empowering our community with the knowledge they need about synthetic monitoring. Delve into a range of learning materials, from foundational concepts to nuanced discussions on its benefits and challenges. With our curated articles, explore tools, methods, and strategies that define effective synthetic monitoring, and understand how it stands apart from real user monitoring. Whether you're new to the topic or seeking to deepen your expertise, our resources are tailored to guide and enrich your learning journey.

Checkly adds deep synthetic monitoring to Coralogix with new integration

Cinthia Portugal

Cloud Native Monitoring: Benefits, Challenges & Best Practices

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Setting the right cadence for your pings, heartbeats, and synthetics checks

How Often Should You Ping Your Site?

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A Guide to Visual Regression Testing With Playwright and How to Get Started 

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New Relic vs Checkly: The Real Costs of Synthetics

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Browser Synthetic Monitoring: What is it, Types and Use Cases

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The real costs of Datadog Synthetics monitoring

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The Advent of Monitoring, Day 7: A Peek Into Our Job Monitoring Strategy With Heartbeat Checks

Manel Fourati

The Advent of Monitoring, Day 5: Dealing With Third-Party Dependencies Causing False Positives for Synthetics

Javier Pérez Anaya