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Code-first synthetic monitoring for modern DevOps. Monitor your APIs and apps at a fraction of the price of legacy providers. Powered by Monitoring as Code and Playwright.

npm create checkly
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Monitoring as Code

Transform your development workflow with a code-based monitoring process that's programmable, fast, and dependable.


Your app’s code lives in your repository. Your monitoring should too. Create resources in a programmable way, coding them instead of configuring them.


Test your resources from your local machine or during deployment in CI, all running on Checkly’s global infrastructure.

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Deploy, lifecycle, and scale your end-to-end testing and monitoring solution from the command line alongside your application deployments.

$ npx checkly deploy

Be the first to know when an issue has occurred. Reduce MTTR and deliver what you promised in your SLAs. No false positives.

Integrate Checkly into your CI/CD from pre-prod and production to ensure the reliability and availability of your apps and services.

Modern, purpose-built monitoring with no hidden fees. Your Checkly subscription includes all features, users, implementation, support and maintenance costs.

Automated Monitoring

Automatically set up and maintain monitoring. Minimize manual work, save time, and eliminate errors.

Shift-Left Monitoring Flow

A shift-left monitoring tool that supports your modern DevOps culture and allows you to code your monitors at scale.

Cut Through the Noise

Get alerts only when real issues happen. No false positives.

Monitor Internal & Public Applications

With our Checkly Agent, you can test your private APIs and applications using Checkly, too.

Distributed Public Locations

Schedule checks 24/7 in 20+ remote locations worldwide, supported by Playwright, today’s best E2E testing tool.

Powered by Playwright

Use Playwright for API and browser checks and take advantage of Playwright testing artifacts like traces and video clips.

Monitoring as Code via the Checkly CLI

Your app’s code lives in source control. Your monitoring should, too.

Detailed Dashboards

Get essential monitoring and incident management information.

Easy Monitoring at Scale

Set up deep monitoring for your web apps and APIs.

Checkly integrates with the open source & developer tools you use on a daily basis. From CI, to alerting, to reporting.

Start monitoring your API endpoints and your vital site transactions.

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