If you are using Vercel to develop, preview, and ship your application, you can natively integrate with Checkly by installing the official integration from the Vercel Marketplace.

The Vercel integration will help you by:

  1. Automatically creating a pre-scripted browser check to catch any errors and failed requests as your web page loads.
  2. Enabling you to run checks against preview and production deployments on Vercel.
If the native integration described in this page does not fit your use case, you can also leverage Checkly together with Vercel through the GitHub Deployments integration.


To install Checkly’s native Vercel integration, navigate to Integratons, under your account’s dropdown menu.

vercel integration step 1

After scrolling down, click the Vercel marketplace button.

vercel integration step 2

On the marketplace page for Checkly, click Add.

vercel integration step 3

Next, follow the installation wizard to grant the integration access to the right Vercel scope and projects.

vercel integration step 4

You can choose to map your Vercel projects to existing checks on your Checkly account, to have them run on production and/or preview deployments.

vercel integration step 5

Additionally, you can have new checks automatically generated for existing Vercel projects, and set them up to automatically run on preview and/or production deployments.

vercel integration step 6

Linking checks and groups

If you already have the Vercel integration set up, you might still want to connect new checks or groups. The procedure is the same for both: edit the check or group and select Link Vercel project in the CI/CD triggers tab.

linking existing check

You will just need to select the right project to link to your check or group.

vercel project selection

Once the project and the check/group have been linked, you are able to specify whether a new preview or production deployment should trigger a new execution.

linked check

Should you wish to unlink the Vercel project, simply click Unlink this project.

Vercel-linked check results

When selecting a check which is linked to a Vercel project, any results triggered by a deployment on that project will show at the bottom of the check page, under the tab CI/CD triggered check results.

cicd triggered check results tab

Deployments tab

The Deployments tab lists all deployments on linked projects, including Vercel-based ones, together with the check executions they triggered.

deployments tab overview

Selecting a deployment enables you to quickly determine whether it caused any check failures, and to drill into the relevant information in case it did.

deployment detail

Password-protected deployments

You can also use Checkly together with Vercel’s password-protected deployments. You can bypass the login prompt as part of a browser check or using an API request.

This is a v1 integration. We are working on providing additional functionality, as well a smoother experience in v2.