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Checkly integrates with to monitor your alerts and create / resolve incidents in your account. Let’s get started!

  1. Log in to and navigate to Alerts > Sources, click New Alert Source and select “Checkly”." integration step 1

  1. Take note of the URL and API key that provides you with, and head over to Checkly > Alerts, click Add more channels and select integration step 2

  1. Copy and paste in the URL and API key and hit Test alert to verify the connection. On the side, you should now see a test alert pop up! integration step 3

  1. We recommend one last step. Create a new custom attribute on the side to grab the Checkly result link from the JSON payload. This will help reference what check result triggered an alert. integration step 4

  1. Now you are all set up! When an alert is triggered, an incident will be created in with the Checkly check result link attached. integration step 5

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