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The new Check Overview is now live!

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Checkly check overview page

Today, I'm excited to share the release of a long-planned and requested feature - our new Check Overview Page.

Until now, Checkly enabled you to troubleshoot single alerts, but a deep dive into the long-term performance trends was limited. That is not the case anymore.

In the new Check Overview, we’re introducing the enhanced analytics in four distinct categories:

  • Monitoring results
  • Alerts
  • Performance
  • CI/CD Results

The update is focused on two important outcomes:

  1. Provide a quick at-a-glance overview of how a check is performing right now and enable fast troubleshooting.
  2. Give the contextual data to investigate and explore trends.

What's new

This update helps identify the root cause of a problem and provides a clear view of the history behind it.

We want you to be able to:

  • Analyze long-term reliability trends for patterns and insights regarding response times and uptime
  • Reference an active outage in the context of historical trends
  • Make the above possible through the public API as well.

From now on, you can:

  1. Slice and dice availability and performance metrics over an arbitrary time range and run locations.
  2. Get to recent failures much quicker than before! The new Ribbon gives you direct feedback at the top of the page on what happened recently to your checks. See below 👇

3.  Get Browser and API checks specific stats

  • For API checks we give you a breakdown of API response times per timing phase (Wait, DNS, TTFB, TCP, Download)
  • For Browser Checks we give you a breakdown of Core Web Vitals (TTFB, FCP, LCP, TBT, and CLS.) and errors (Console, Network, Script, and Document).

4.  Access the stats on CI/CD Results in a dedicated section. Those results can come from our integrations (Vercel, GitHub and Command Line). All the deployments can be seen in the ribbon.

5.  Quickly compare high-level performance stats across all regions in the “All Locations” section.

6.  Access all check results in a simple table. We removed the 2-hour limitation for data recency. You can filter the data per location, time range, and check results status.

All this implies Checkly’s transition from a problem monitoring to a problem identification & solving platform.

Who can use it?

The new Check Overview is accessible to all users on all plans at no additional cost. You can access this feature by clicking on a check on your home dashboard.

We look forward to hearing what you think, and what other metrics we should collect!

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