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Checkly raises $2.25M seed round to push Active Reliability forward

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Checkly raises $2.25M seed round
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We are thrilled to announce that we have just raised a $2.25M seed round. This round is led by Accel and some great founders — including current and former executives from Vercel (formerly Zeit), Instana, Twilio and many more:

  • Guillermo Rauch - CEO of Vercel
  • Mirko Novakovic - CEO of Instana
  • Ott Kaukver - ex- CTO of Twilio, Skype
  • Christian Henschel - CEO of Adjust
  • Paul Müller - CTO of Adjust
  • Robin Vasan - Founder of Mango Capital
  • Charles Ramsey - ex-CEO of Sauce Labs
  • Philip Moehring - Tiny VC, AngelList Europe

Welcome, on board!

The reliability world is changing

Active monitoring and end-to-end testing have been silos with different tools and platforms. Modern DevOps demands a change. We firmly believe that Checkly sits at the intersection of these distinct market trends:

Old technology is dying:

  • Active monitoring and testing are sleepy and are being overhauled.
  • New frameworks like Puppeteer, Playwright, Cypress, and others are changing the active reliability world.

DevOps shift:

  • Developers are now responsible for their app's reliability from development, through testing and monitoring in production.

Our vision is to unite end-to-end testing and active monitoring to be the number one active reliability platform for modern DevOps teams. Checkly will serve cross-functional DevOps teams and support a modern technical stack based on JavaScript and Open Source.

We are building a solution that’s easy to get started with and seamlessly integrates into your development workflow.

Monitoring 💕 E2E testing = Active Reliability

What's next?

This round enables us to move even faster, pushing our vision forward. We couldn't be more excited! We will:

  1. Grow our team and hire great engineers and go-to-market professionals.
  2. Work on Checkly alongside with our open source components like the Puppeteer Recorder.
  3. Continuously deliver an awesome service to our customers!


  • Please have a look at the full press release here.
  • And please also read Tim's article on the process.

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