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A Cool Milestone for Monitoring as Code: Checkly Recognized a THIRD Time by Gartner!

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Checkly is part of Gartner®'s 2023 Cool Vendors in Monitoring and Observability: Where Awareness Meets Understanding
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Hello, Checkly community and Monitoring as Code (MaC) aficionados! We have some exhilarating news that we can't wait to share. Our mascot is sporting sunglasses today because Checkly has been named in Gartner®'s 2023 Cool Vendors in Monitoring and Observability: Where Awareness Meets Understanding report!

Why This is a Big Deal

Being named a Cool Vendor is like finding that perfect pair of shades on a hot day—it's soothing and provides a moment of clarity. This recognition comes hot on the heels of Checkly and MaC being featured in not one, but two Gartner Hype Cycles affirming that MaC is an emerging force in the tech landscape.

Checkly Named Cool Vendor by Gartner

What Makes Checkly Cool

Our MaC workflow is truly designed with you, the user, in mind. It allows cloud native DevOps teams to code monitoring automation locally, test preview deployments in CI, and deploy them to monitor production continuously. All of this is powered by our Command Line Interface (CLI) and our Terraform provider - engineered to facilitate this entire process.

The Checkly Way

At the core of our philosophy are the MaC Pillars: Code, Test, and Deploy. These pillars guide our as-code workflow, which is designed for seamless integration with modern DevOps and SRE toolchains. It's not just about creating tools or products; it's about a holistic workflow that simplifies the complexities of modern software development and solves real-world engineering needs. This approach enables teams to collaborate, share, and optimize their monitoring setups, making the most out of their Monitoring as Code initiatives.

What's Next

This Gartner recognition isn't just a nod from the industry; it's a validation of our commitment to you, our users. We have an ambitious roadmap ahead, filled with enhancements that will elevate your MaC experience and we are committed to continually innovating to streamline your workflow. So, grab your sunglasses and come along for the ride. The journey of Monitoring as Code is looking bright, and we're just getting started!

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