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Checkly Recognized by Intellyx: A Reflection of Our Commitment to Monitoring as Code

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We're excited to share that Checkly has been named a 2023 Winter Intellyx Digital Innovator. This recognition resonates deeply with our Monitoring as Code (MaC) workflow and the values we uphold in delivering Checkly to cloud-native engineers, solving uptime and reliability challenges to ship with confidence. 

Leading the Monitoring as Code Movement

At Checkly, we are not just participants in the MaC movement; we are leading it. Our approach has transformed how developers handle synthetic monitoring at scale. Deeply integrated into the developer workflow, Checkly allows teams to code, test, and deploy their monitoring setups seamlessly. With our Command Line Interface (CLI), we offer a JavaScript/TypeScript-native workflow, enabling developers to manage their monitoring resources right from their codebase and get alerted instantly if their apps fail.

Acknowledged by Industry Leaders and Driven by Customer Feedback

In addition to this recognition, our efforts have been acknowledged by being named in the Gartner Cool Vendor for Monitoring and Observability and featured in two Gartner Hype Cycles: Hype Cycle for Monitoring and Observability and Hype Cycle for SRE. Our inclusion in the Accel Euroscape report also highlights our growing presence in the global ecosystem.

These acknowledgments are a nod to our focus on delivering the best monitoring tools that prioritize the needs of our customers to ship with confidence. As we celebrate this moment, our commitment to Monitoring as Code remains unwavering. 

In 2024, we will continue to innovate, ensuring our solutions not only meet the demands of existing users but further integrate into the evolving workflows of developers, driving efficiency and reliability at scale.

We thank Intellyx for this recognition and our customers' ongoing support and insights. Your contributions are key. 

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