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Exciting Times for Monitoring as Code: A Nod from TWO Gartner Hype Cycles

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"Gartner Hype Cycles" highlighting "Monitoring as Code".
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Earlier this week we shared some exciting news. Checkly has made its mark in not one, but two Gartner Hype Cycles reports. We're being recognized for something we're super passionate about - Monitoring as Code (MaC). This recognition comes in the Hype Cycle for Monitoring and Observability and the first ever Hype Cycle for Site Reliability Engineering. It's a big deal for us, and here's why it should matter to you, too.

The Evolution of Monitoring in a Modern IT World

Let's face it, the IT world is changing at a breakneck speed. With the rise of modern, fast-paced software development, the traditional ways of monitoring and performance analysis are having a hard time keeping up. As we all dive deeper into the digital realm, the lines are blurring as we see increasing interplay happening between DevOps, security, SRE, and QA practices. It's like a high-stakes, high-speed dance, and everyone needs to stay in step.

This is where MaC comes in. It's like a choreographer of your systems. By treating monitoring configurations as code, MaC brings programmability, speed, and reliability to the monitoring workflow. It's fast, it's reliable, scalable and it's programmable. It extends capabilities of DevOps and SRE teams, enabling them to manage monitoring configurations just like they manage application code.

Checkly's MaC Philosophy: Code, Test, Deploy

At Checkly, we've embraced MaC with open arms. We've built our approach around three core pillars we established: Code, Test, and Deploy.

  • Code: Think of your app’s code as a living entity in your repository. Your monitoring should be just as alive, coded and not configured.
  • Test: Test your resources from your local machine or during deployment in CI, all running on Checkly’s global infrastructure. It's like having a safety net while you perform your high-wire act.
  • Deploy: Deploy, lifecycle, and scale your monitoring setup from the command line, right alongside your application deployments. 

Our MaC approach is all about enabling engineers to take the reins of monitoring the systems they build. It's about integrating seamlessly with existing development processes and increasing efficiencies across systems.

"Monitoring as Code" consisting of three pillars: Code, Test, Deploy.

The Checkly CLI: Amplifying Your Monitoring Capabilities

We've been thrilled to see the warm welcome our recently introduced Command Line Interface (CLI) has received. Designed to facilitate the MaC workflow, the Checkly CLI is like a Swiss Army knife for developers. It enables you to code, test, and deploy your testing and synthetic monitoring setup right from your code base. Plus, it plays nicely with any CI platform, making it easier for teams to integrate monitoring in their workflow and deploy end-to-end browser and API checks.

The Journey Ahead

The recognition from Gartner is a big deal for MaC and the role we are playing in this exciting area. We're committed to pushing the boundaries of MaC and helping developers and businesses streamline their monitoring workflows. Our goal? Continue to push the boundaries, enhance our offerings, and help developers and businesses streamline their monitoring workflows.

Learn more about Monitoring as Code in Gartner's Hype Cycles and stay tuned. We're just getting started!

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