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Introducing Checkly’s New Look for a New Era

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We are thrilled to unveil our new branding and website, reflecting our commitment to providing engineers with the best monitoring as code (MaC) platform for modern software stacks. Our rebranding efforts signify a new era for Checkly and highlight our commitment to continuous innovation and dedication to enabling a MaC workflow for you and your teams.

Why We Rebranded

Checkly has gained significant momentum, including over 5 billion checks executed, nearly 800 customers, and thousands of users globally across all industries. Additionally, within just a couple months since making it available, hundreds of users have been utilizing the Beta version of our CLI. We have observed that MaC has become the prime workflow allowing users to code, test, and deploy checks. As the monitoring industry continues to evolve, we remain committed to MaC and have enhanced our brand to reflect this. Our objective is to create a code-first workflow that is faster, more accessible, and reliable. Through our updated branding and website, we aim to educate our users on the advantages and functionality of MaC and how it can optimize, streamline, and scale their software development process.

New Look

We want you to take part in this journey. We've introduced an updated mascot and logo. Our new mascot and wordmark embody who Checkly is and our drive for innovation, creativity, and excellence, and we're inviting you to help us give our new mascot a name. (See below for details on how to enter!) It's more than just a fun mascot: it's a symbol of our commitment to being watchful and attentive to users' needs. Together with the word mark, the new logo represents the ability to monitor and run checks at scale and represents the power of uniting E2E testing and monitoring capabilities in one MaC workflow.

New Website

Along with our rebrand, we've also launched a new website to provide users with a better understanding of MaC and its relevance to modern engineering. Our new website is designed to be more educational, engaging, and helpful to our users, and includes improved resources, examples, references, and insights to help our customers build better and more reliable experiences for their users. We understand the importance of MaC and its relevance to modern engineering, and we feel our new branding and website reflect this. 

Checkly CLI

As part of our MaC workflow, we've also released the Checkly CLI. With the Checkly CLI, engineers can now automate the entire monitoring process from code to test to deploy all through a single command line interface. By uniting testing and synthetic monitoring, developers can reuse the same tools and tests to easily ensure the performance and reliability of their applications throughout the entire software process, saving time and resources while improving application quality.

At Checkly, we're committed to providing the best MaC platform for developers using modern stacks. Our new branding, website, and Checkly CLI represent our continued dedication to this mission. We're excited to continue innovating and staying ahead of the curve to help our users achieve their goals. We hope you'll check out our new website and join us in embracing the new era of monitoring as code

How to suggest a name for Checkly’s raccoon mascot: Join our slack community and enter your suggestion using hashtag #ChecklyRaccoon

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