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Common issues

This page covers common issues users have run into while using the Checkly Terraform provider, together with their likely root cause.

Error: 402 payment required

You might have reached the maximum number of checks you can create on your account. Contact Checkly Support via our chat widget to talk about options.

Alert channel has 0 out of 0 subscribers

You might have forgotten to subscribe checks and groups to your alert channel.

Check seems to run from the wrong location(s)

Different things might be happening:

  • If the check is part of a group, group-level settings will decide which location set is actually used to run all the checks in that group. Check again whether your check is part of a group by checking if its resource contains the group_id parameter.
  • If the check is has “double check” enabled, and only one location configured, it will be retried from a random location chosen among all the ones available on Checkly.

Alerts are not sent for one or more checks / the wrong channels are used

The checks you are managing could be part of a group. If so, the group-level alert channel subscriptions will override check-level ones. This is easily fixed by declaring the alert channel subscriptions at group-level only.

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