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Alert channels

Alert channels are the channels through which alert notifications will reach you when a check starts failing, showing degraded performance or recover.

You can add as many of the following alert channels as you want:

Managing alert channels

When adding a channel, you can select which checks to subscribe to the channel. This way you can create specific routings for specific checks.

alert channels

You can also select which types of alerts should be send to your channel:

  • Failure: When a check encounters a hard error.
  • Degradation: When a checks is just slow, but still working.
  • Recovery: When a check recovers from either failing or being degraded.
  • SSL certificate expirations

Configuring alert channels is mostly self explanatory except for our advanced webhook builder.

After adding the channels, you either edit or delete them, or change which checks are subscribed to that specific channel.

If you are using Terraform, you will need to specify alert channel subscriptions explicitly for each check / group.

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