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Parameterized resources

There are cases where you might want to declare a single, parameterized resource in place of a (possibly variable) number of resources to be managed. Terraform enables this through some of its native constructs.

File-based parameterization

You can use a combination of the for_each meta-argument and the fileset function to your advantage, for example when creating browser checks that share all their settings apart from their script:

resource "checkly_check" "browser-check" {
  for_each = fileset("${path.module}/scripts", "*") // Iterates through the files in the scripts folder in your project's directory

  name                      = each.key              // Sets the check name to match the file's 
  type                      = "BROWSER"
  activated                 = true
  frequency                 = 1
  double_check              = true
  ssl_check                 = false
  locations = [

  script = file("${path.module}/scripts/${each.key}") // Assigns the script contained in each file to each new created check resource


This will create as many browser checks running each minute as there are files in the ./scripts folder in your project’s path.

Aside from checks, these constructs can be useful for a variety of resources like alert channels, snippets and more.

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