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You can schedule planned maintenance for your API, app or website using Checkly’s maintenance windows. During maintenance windows, checks that are part of a specific window are not scheduled to run, saving you the headache of ignoring alerts and having big red callouts on your dashboard. Maintenance windows are also exposed on our public api.

Creating a maintenance window

Adding a maintenance window is simple. Navigate to the maintenance windows overview indicated by the wrench icon on the menu and click “create new”. You’re now on the maintenance window editor.

maintenance window editor

After giving your window an appropriate name, the core options you have are:

Setting a schedule

Set your preferred starting date and time for your maintenance window. Note that all times are in UTC.

Setting repeats

If your maintenance window repeats at a certain cadence, toggle the repeat option. Here you can set

  1. The amount of repetitions.
  2. The unit of repetition, i.e. Day, Week or Month.
  3. The date on which the repetition cycle should end.
If you schedule a window on the 31st and add a monthly repeat cycle, your schedule will also activate on the 30st of the revelant months and the 28th or 29th of February depending on the leap year.

Adding checks and check groups

You need to select which checks and/or check groups are targeted by your maintenance window. You do this by:

  • Adding the relevant check tags.
  • Adding the relevant check group tags.

This way, any checks or check groups created after creating your maintenance window can still be made part of the window; no need to update the maintenance window configuration. Just set the correct tags.

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