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Check results

If you have checks running, you can select them on the main Checkly dashboard and get an overview of the results they have produced so far.


The Overview tab offers a summary with key metrics at a glance:

check results summary

  1. 24-hour ratio: the percentage of successful check runs over the last 24 hours
  2. 7-day ratio: the percentage of successful check runs over the last 7 days
  3. 30-day ratio: the percentage of successful check runs over the last 30 days
  4. average: average execution time across the last 24 hours
  5. p95: the 95th percentile response time across the last 24 hours
  6. p99: the 99th percentile response time across the last 24 hours

You also have access to a graph showing status and response times per location across a timeframe of your choice.

For self-service plans check results will only be available in aggregate format after 30 days.

check results graph

Single check runs can be accessed either by selecting a recent (less than 30 days old) execution either on the graph or just below.

check results list

Note that you can access two separate tabs, one for scheduled and one for triggered executions.

API check results

API check results expose:

  1. The request performed

  2. Any assertions that were included in the check

  3. All data related to the request and its response, such as

    a. Response body

    b. Request & response headers

    c. Query params

    d. Check job log

  4. Timings, such as

    a. Wait

    b. DNS

    c. TCP

    d. First Byte

    e. Download

api check results detail page

Browser check results

Browser check results contain:

  1. A short check summary, including errors broken down by category. check results browser summary
  2. A timeline showing how much time was spent on each page. check results browser timeline
  3. An error log, only if your script failed. check results browser error log
  4. Expandable tabs on page your script navigated to. check results browser page navigation When expanded, each tab shows its own navigation/loading timeline and web vitals… check results browser navigation top …together with browser console logs, network logs and any screenshots that had been taken (including one screenshot taken automatically on failure). check results browser navigation bottom
  5. A job log for the check check results browser job log


The Events tab shows you alerts, deployments and other key events that have taken place during the execution timeframe of the check.

check results events tab