Checkly dashboards are public dashboards available on every plan. Use them on your wall mounted TVs, on shared monitors around the office or as a status page on your site.

Dashboards can be embedded in iframes.

You can create multiple, distinct dashboards based on your plan. Edit your dashboard by clicking on the Dashboards button on the Checkly default dashboard page.

An example of a dashboard is status.checklyhq.com as shown in the screenshot below.

Dashboard example

Adding checks to your dashboard

By default, if no check is specified, all checks in the account will be shown in the dashboard. If instead you want to show specific checks, this is how it’s accomplished:

  1. First add tags to one or more checks you would like to show. This is done by editing the check(s).


You’ll need to press Enter to save the tag before you save your updated check!

  1. Then, edit the dashboard to include the tag:

Filter by tags

Also in this step, remember to hit Enter to save the tag before you hit “Save dashboard”.

You can contribute to this documentation by editing this page on Github