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About roles

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When inviting a team member to join your account you can assign one of three roles that all have different access patterns.

  1. Owner
    • Can change the team name.
  2. Admin
    • Can invite, edit and remove other team members.
    • Can change the account settings.
  3. Read & Write
    • Can create, update and delete checks.
    • Can create, update and delete alert settings of individual checks.
    • Can create, update and delete maintenance windows.
  4. Read Only
    • Look, no touch.

Only the initial account creator has the Owner role. You can always change any assigned roles after a team mate has joined your team.

Roles are staggered, so any role higher up the totem pole has all the rights of the roles below him/her.

Transferring ownership

If you have the Owner role, you can transfer the ownership to another team member. Just click the “Transfer ownership” button at the bottom of the “teams” page and follow the instructions. The owner account will be downgraded to Admin role.

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