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SMS delivery

The phone numbers used for SMS alerting need to be in E.164 format format. Stick to the following rules and you’ll be fine:

  • Prepend international access codes with a + sign
  • Do not use any white spaces
  • Use up to 15 characters

send monitoring alerts with SMS

You can add as many SMS channels as you like.

Supported countries and regions

Checkly uses Twilio to deliver SMS messages. If you are having trouble receiving SMS messages, check if your country is in the list on this Twilio support page.

SMS alert number and sender ID

SMS alerts will be sent with a sender ID and phone number. The Checkly sender ID is ‘Checkly’. If your carrier does not support sender ID, you will instead see the Checkly SMS alert phone number, +1(814) 250 8623.

For limits and other SMS-related questions, please refer to our Pricing page.

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