SSL certificate expiration

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On August 13, 2020, we changed how SSL alerting is configured. Your old settings will be supported for 3 months until November 13, 2020. This page reflects the current usage.

An expired SSL certificate can cause havoc to sites and APIs. Checkly performs a daily check on your certificate and can alert you 30, 14, 7 and/or 3 days before your certificate expires. All alert channels (e-mail, SMS, OpsGenie, Webhook etc.) can be used for this alert.

Simply create or pick an existing alert channel that your check subscribes to and enable SSL certificate expiration and set the day threshold to your preference. If you don’t have your alert channels set up yet, see Alert Channels.

Example alert channel form


  • You can create specific alert channels for certificate expirations and subscribe all checks/groups to that channel.

  • You can create multiple alert channels with different thresholds if you want to be alerted at multiple thresholds.

API checks

The domain for the certificate is parsed from the URL in the HTTP request settings so it does not require any setup.

Browser checks

Since browser checks can connect to multiple domains, you need to set the SSL certificate domain to receive certificate alerts for them.

SSL checks for browser checks