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Checkly integrates with Coralogix to monitor your incidents in your Coralogix installation. Let’s get started!

  1. Log in to Coralogix and navigate to Data Flow > API Keys.

coralogix integration step 1

  1. Next, copy the generated “Send Your Data” API key to your clipboard.

coralogix integration step 2

  1. Log in to Checkly and navigate to Alert Settings. Click the Add more channels button, find Coralogix on the list, and click Add channel.

coralogix integration step 3

  1. Enter a name of your choosing for the alert channel, together with the Coralogix URL (ex., note that the API endpoint will change if your Coralogix instance is in Europe or Asia) and the API key you copied from Coralogix. Make sure that the right checks are subscribing to the channel and that the Send when rules are correctly set, then hit Save Coralogix Webhook.

coralogix integration step 4

Congratulations, you’ve successfully integrated Checkly with Coralogix!

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